Keeper Thermal Bag Co., Inc.

Proudly manufacturing and designing Thermal Bags in Mid-West USA, since 1980.
We have brought innovation and valued products at reasonable prices to all our well-regarded customers; in the Food, Catering, Vending Industries, School and Meals on Wheels Programs.
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SQUARE , Promotional, Room Service and Dietetic Bags

Our company always finding ways, products to help you increase your revenues and attract new

customers to your establishment with these new products:


Square Thermal Bags

This bag is instrumental in building your customer base, ideal for promoting your business to

new customers as well as existing customers. It's new inexpensive way to promote your business

by giving them away or resale them to valued customers. There is a variety of colors to choose from,

easy to clean.

Square thermal bag cost you $10.95 Ea (Min order 12).


White promotional bags

Give away inexpensive ($0.99) bags. Easy to carry out one to two pies from your store to their



Room Service Hot Hat

By adding your name (silk screening) to the hot hat, it can promote your business. R

restaurants, hotels have been using them for busy travelers room service. One size fits all,

different colors, machine washable, light weight 


Dietetic Bag

Instrumental bag to carry all your need to control your insulin needs.


Square Promotional Bag
Carry Insulin Bag
Square Promotional Bag 18"
Square Promotional Bag


Keeper Thermal Bag Company is 100% American base manufacturer and designer of Insulated Pizza, Vending, Food and Catering Bags.

 It has never been easier to manufacture a heavy duty insulated bag that adds great value and builds business, so each day we grow more and more experienced.

We have been located in Chicago, Illinois area since 1980. In that time we have manufactured thousands of Pizza, Food, Catering, and Vending Bags for small to large sizes companies. Of course there is no rush on your behalf to use our products, but we hope, when you are ready, we are your first and last choice for your home delivery program.

Our company will not pressure you to use anything, except the right product to fit your needs. What we do is have a conversation about your current needs and concerns about your home, school or party delivery program.

We feel your next Thermal Delivery Bag should be instrumental in building your business. Our products must connect with your current customers and attract new customers to your establishment. Because when you create the BEST Pizza, the BEST gourmet meal and delicious sandwiches and place them into our bag, your customers will enjoy them, HOT and FRESH.

By adding your name (silk screening) to the bag, it can promote your business to new as well as existing customers. These steps will help attract potential customers to WANT to visit your business. By promoting your name, it can send a strong signal to potential customers about your fine foods.

We will be happy to assist you, as long as it takes, to make it easy to understand our different products. In order to purchase the right BAG that will last you, not just for Today’s but for Tomorrow’s needs.

Please find on our web site, many of our Thermal Bags that we have created for businesses across America. If you are not able to find what you are looking for, we can easily manufacture any size and style to fit your personal needs.